Who is CCCB?

Child Care Choices of Boston (CCCB) is the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCRA) for Boston, Brookline, Chelsea, Cambridge, Revere, Somerville and Winthrop. As a CCRA, Child Care Choices of Boston provides and maintains a key role in making child care work for everyone, regardless of cultural, linguistic or ethnic background. We offer support, resources, technical assistance, training and child care expertise to families, child care providers, employers and the larger community.


Child Care Choices of Boston is committed to ensuring a positive future for children and their families in the greater Boston area by:

  • Promoting informed parental choices
  • Facilitating the provision of quality early childhood services through support to providers, consumers, the public and private sector communities
  • Advocating for accessible, affordable, quality child care for children of all abilities, income, cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds.


CCCB has been providing various child care services to the city of Boston since 1991. Since March 1999, CCCB extended that service to cover four additional areas, which include Chelsea, Revere, Winthrop and Brookline. CCCB formed a partnership with the Community Action Program Inter-City in Chelsea (CAPIC) in an effort to provide local linkages and to facilitate access to the broader services to families in those areas. Through its child care information and referral counseling, provider training, disability support services, subsidy management and advocacy work, CCCB has secured a foundation on which to build and maintain a quality system of child care options for families in communities.

Each year, CCCB assists families in receiving financial assistance through more than $42 million in child care subsidies. CCCB has been instrumental in their ability to respond and make a positive impact on the tremendous increase in need and demand for all early childhood care and education services due to welfare reform. In addition, CCCB has ongoing partnerships with the Urban College, ABCD Head Start, and the ABCD Neighborhood Network, Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, CAPIC, the DOE Community Partnerships Program, and the City of Boston. CCCB continues to build links with a complex network of other community organizations, employers and government agencies, as a part of our commitment to improve and mold the quality and delivery of child care services to the Greater Boston Area.